LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Mixed Prints And Bold Colors

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Usually when you hear mixed prints you think of something like a striped shirt and polka dotted pants or my personal favorite; a floral shirt with stripped pants. A head to toe mix of prints is an initial assumption when people try this trending mix. The good thing about fashion however, is the insignificance of “rules,” and as I saw this Fashionisto, the first thing I noticed was his mixed print shirt, and the fact that that was his only mix. It intrigued me to see this trend in a single article of clothing and not as an entire look. It is ok to be trendy, but you dont have to look right off the runway all of the time.

His downplay of solid pairings with this busy floral and polka dot shirt shows he knows when to play it safe. The neutrals, in his button-down nicely matching with his tan colored jeans. He adds his bold colored red Vans to make his outfit stand out even more than just with his fun shirt. Compliments were flowing from pedestrians as I was capturing this fashion statement. His obvious focus was not on accessories seeing as though his only piece, unlike the rapper, was a simple gold chain tucked underneath his collar.

Hint: When deciding how to wear mixed prints, a contrasting of solids and subtlety will help out a lot. Decide whether you will have a fun print in your shirt or your pants and then go from there.


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