Let's Hear it for the Boys

I always admired people who can mix a lot of different styles and somehow make it work. You all know those kinds of outfits that seem random at first, but somehow they look cool! Those people definitely inspire me to experiment more. They make me to be a little more courageous and creative with my looks.

This Fashonisto’s look has an eclectic feel to it. It is fun and unexpected. His shoes are a definite statement, but his purple Beats by Dre balance them out. His pants are also a statement piece, and the pattern has a very frat/Vineyard Vines feel to it.  His shoes and his pants have very different styles, but they look fun combined with each other. To avoid looking too overwhelming, he muted the look down with a gray T-shirt and a gray hoodie. The white Ray-Bans, a golden watch and black messenger bag he added somehow worked well with the whole ensemble.

This Fashionisto definitely stands out from the crowd of Comfort Colors and Nike shorts. His look is very urban and unique. Next time you are getting dressed for the day, follow his lead and let your personality shine through your look. Be brave and don’t worry about what other people think. This is your personal style so make a statement!

Hint: Sometimes you just need to leave your safe harbor and travel to foreign lands. Go to your closet and mix up your outfits. Try the most unexpected pairings—who knows, you might come up with a couple of new great outfits!


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