Let's Hear it for the Boys

Although the calendar says March, the temperature outside really says December. That being said, students that go to school in colder climates can tell you they have never been more ready for spring. Usually, spring is a time for shorts and tank tops. However when the temperature is still hovering around freezing, winter gear is still necessary. This week’s Fashionisto shows us that you can never go wrong with black. In fact, wearing all black can actually bring a sleekness to your look without looking like an attendee at a funeral.

One of the striking things about this Fashionisto’s look is that although he is wearing black from head to toe, there is something about the different pieces he incorporates into his look. I love the black baseball shirt, which is a trend that has appeared in menswear collections in recent seasons. The relaxed look of the baseball shirt contradicts the sleek sophisticated black which in turn balances the look out perfectly. I like that the shirt has a little pattern on it to give the look an edge to it. I also like that his jeans are a darker indigo rather than black, which adds to the dark palette of the look without looking unmatched.

Another thing I really loved about this Fashionisto’s look were his boots, more specifically how he wore them. The phrase “it’s not what you wear but how you wear it” is exactly how I felt when I seen his look. The all-black suede Timberland boot is a classic in menswear and I like how the tongue of the boot is flipped over the laces. It creates a grunge type of look that contradicts the usual clean cut military way of wearing boots. All together, this Fashionisto incorporates various contradictions that work together to create a look that is simple, sophisticated and cool all without trying so hard. The all black look is half about style and half about attitude. Find your inner self confidence and rock it out.

Hint: Trying the all-black look can go two ways. You can go simple all black or you can give the look some individuality like this Fashionisto by adding a subtle pattern or styling the boots to your liking. In general adding personality to any look is the secret weapon to looking good and feeling good.


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