Let's Hear it for the Boys

As people who are a part of the fashion scene we are told time and time again to remember our basics: good jeans, a variation of T-shirts and neutral shoes. But, sometimes we forget that our outerwear counts too.

Finding that perfect cardigan, pullover, denim jacket or coat that can go the distance can be a difficult task, but once you find your match you will know it was meant to be. A basic outerwear piece will take you from day to night in style and ensure you look stylish while doing it.

Take this Fashionisto’s jacket for example; it is a well-tailored piece that adheres to his personal look. It is in a neutral color palette and could easily enhance a casual day time look as seen here or spice up a date night ensemble.

This Fashionisto particularly loves Members Only jackets, which adds another personal touch to his daily look. When looking for your own basic outerwear, consider potentially making your decision a long-term staple that could appear multiple times in your wardrobe.

For instance, if you love bomber jackets, consider it your mission to find uniquely colored hues wherever you shop. The bomber style will become your own personal look and the multiple hues will give you options with your wardrobe styling.

Or, if you are like this Fashionisto you could find yourself a brand that sums up your design interests and represents you well. This task however may take some time but will be well worth the endeavor once you find your perfect fit!

Hint: When pulling together a casual daytime look like this Fashionisto, cool Nike kicks could be swapped out for motorcycle boots, the denim could be charcoal or any other color you prefer, and the striped T-shirt could be any variation of nautical, classic or otherwise.



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