Let's Hear it for the Boys

As I said last week, the weather here in northern Florida is flimsy! One day you’re lounging at the beach, and the next you’re wearing a parka! Either way, the Fashionistos at Flagler College are adapting to the temperature.

This week’s Fashionisto chose to mix spring colors with a winter feel. Black is always the go-to color for winter. However, he chose to pair his black apparel with a popping spring colored jacket. It turns this drowsy weather into an anticipation for the new spring season.

His solid black pants give a nice contrast to any kind of colored top. His choice of a simple T-shirt not only draws attention to the jacket, but to the overall ensemble he has put together. He chose to accessorize the outfit with a pair of dark aviator sunnies, which gives him a classic Hollywood look. He added an intricate silver ring to dress up his hands as well, looking intimidating and soft at the same time. A pair of faded black socks adorned with white skulls add contrast to his outfit as well as the pairing of light brown dress shoes.

It’s simple for you Fashionistos to recreate this look and make it your own! Channel this Fashionisto’s style and be brave when picking out your colors! Yellow is not everyone’s usual go-to color, so it’s anything but cliche. You can change up the style any way you’d like! But if yellow isn’t your color don’t worry! There are plenty of colors that pop when it comes to spring. Red is a daring color that never goes out of style and also works well with black. Try adding a red jacket to your wardrobe and see the color contrast. It makes a statement and allows you to keep it classic at the same time.


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