Let's Hear it for the Boys

I’m back at the lovely Rhode Island School of Design now and I am so excited to begin posting about my home school. Providence is a very typical New England town and because of its proximity to bigger cities, residents are treated to both beautiful fall weather and fall fashion. Beyond that, RISD’s students really know how to get creative and express themselves in uniquely stylish outfits that match their artistic personalities.

Onto the Fashionisto of the day! This Fashionisto took on the classic all-black outfit. Monochrome outfits, especially all black, are one of my favorites. However, it is often difficult to pull off single-colored outfits without a clever eye for subtle differences and details.

This Fashionisto dons a multi-textured black top. The top divides up his torso in a simple way that from afar shows little textural variety. However, in the right light, the shirt’s matte and scintillating qualities both shine. With the contrast between the matte and the reflective pieces of the T-shirt the outfit remains monochrome but is still eye catching and visually interesting. (Changing up textures within outfits is also a great way of avoiding looking boxy or lazy, the differences are flattering and show that you really put some thought into your look.)

The lower half of this Fashionisto’s look is as varied as the top half. He wears some simple leather pants that are stylish and attract a serious kind of attention. The fit of these pants is quite specific and gives the Fashionisto a great silhouette (as well as transitioning well from day into night). His shoes are handsomely shiny, much like these from ASOS. The reflective quality of his shoes elicits a great amount attention to a small aspect of one’s outfit. Echoed in the bright qualities of both his pants and his multi-piece top, his shoes are slick and shine in a noctilucent way.

Lastly, and again with the details, this Fashionisto puts the metaphorical cherry on top with his matte black watch. Details are fabulously thought out and the light blue hands, circle and the leather strap of the watch prove a true devotion to a single look.

Hint: If you want to look like this Fashionisto, don’t be afraid to combine matte with shiny or leathery materials with cotton. Simple monochrome looks are effective but they become truly spectacular with a devotion to simple details and contrasts.


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