Let's Hear it for the Boys

Listen up Fashionistos, do your garments in an outfit truly match? Every man has asked the simple question, “does this match?” at some point in their lives. While there are many fashion rules to live by, matching is one that cannot be overlooked. It’is the key to a successfully put together outfit and could make or break any occasion.

The first step to succeed in matching is the simple fact of knowing how to color and pattern coordinate. Once you have this basic knowledge, it’s important to take into account how specific colors and patterns look on you based upon your skin tone. While you can never exactly know what looks good and what doesn’t, it’s a matter of trial and error.

Take this Fashionisto, for example. I stumbled upon him while shopping around State College one late afternoon. He was seen wearing dark blue jeans, a light denim shirt, a basic long sleeve T-shirt with a denim pocket and a pair of red Dr. Marten boots. As for accessories, he kept it simple with a pair of tortoiseshell reading glasses. This outfit was perfected by the way each piece matched one another. The mixing of denim not only worked well together but also looked uniform. The warm color choices showed his knowledge of color coordination. Most importantly, he made sure this outfit didn’t just look good together, but on him as well.

Hint: If you still feel lost in the process of matching, look no further than the department store manikins. Not only do these stores dress the manikins in the latest trends, but they’re experts in making these outfits look perfectly matched. It’s a great way to seek inspiration and expertise.


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