LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Manipulating Stylist Elements of Fashion

Let's Hear it for the Boys

It is toward the end of the semester here at Western Michigan University. As a Style Guru I started to get a tad bit a nervous. I could tell the change in my emotions because I began biting my nails and twisting my hair. That was only because I started to think about if I was going to be able to find Fashionistos worthy enough to document. Knowing that it is finals week most men I have gazed upon looked as if they just rolled out of bed. Luckily enough while I was sitting on the bus a gentleman walked on fitting every single criteria.

Not only was he a man, he was beyond stylish. He wore a pair of classic Levi Brand Jeans flawlessly. Since they were dark denim he wanted to keep the dark color scheme. He paired his jeans with a black hoodie and a retro Nike jacket. He layered these two items to add a unique twist to his outfit. His retro Nike jacket consisted of three colors: black, red and purple. He realized that and put on a pair of red and black Retro Jordan gym shoes.

This outfit is a medium between sport and casual. The sportier elements of his outfit like his gym shoes, jacket, hoodie and book bag add to his comfort level. But when wearing such a polished pair of jeans and glasses, the feel of the outfit changes. His outfit began to say modern and casual instead of sport. Manipulating stylistic elements of fashion can only be done by a Fashionisto.

Hint: To all my Fashionistos out there, do not be afraid to mix and match stylist elements of fashion. If you are feeling punk and elegant one day, show that through your clothing. The more you mix and match the more interesting your ensemble will become.


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