Let's Hear it for the Boys

I spotted today’s Fashionisto from a mile away. His vibrant pants are what caught my eye and I love how he wore them with confidence. After talking to him about his outfit, I learned that this Fashionisto is in fact a Levi’s model from Nigeria!

Can we please take a moment to just look at his pants? This Fashionisto got the bright pair in Nigeria but admits that at first he didn’t even like them. He said that he simply wanted a piece from his home country but eventually grew to like them and made them work. I love the contrasting colors of blue and orange and the intricate designs. They’re loose and comfortable to wear, making them perfect for your summer wardrobe. To match his pants, he wears red and orange striped socks by Active that peek out thanks to the cut of the ankle length pants. He also wears a pair of blue Nike sneakers that go with the rest of the blue shades in his outfit. The socks really pop and attract attention because of their placement between the two blue pieces in the outfit.

To keep the prime focus on the colorful lower half of his ensemble, this Fashionisto keeps the upper half very simple with neutral colors. He wears a casual white T-shirt by H&M and a fitted gray hoodie that he leaves open over it. A white T-shirt is an absolute must-have for a man’s summer closet because of its versatility; you can dress it up or down. He purposely didn’t wear any jewelry so that his pants got all the attention. When making a fashion statement with a piece as bold as this Fashionisto’s pants, it’s always a good idea to keep the rest of your outfit neutral. Too many loud pieces can come off as overwhelming and each unique fashion item won’t be truly appreciated. Isolating a single piece is a great way to show it off.

Hint: Put away the darker shades you wore during the colder months, take advantage of the summer season and get colorful! Showcase your personal style with fun patterns and designs. Pick one piece to make pop and keep everything else simple.


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