Let's Hear it for the Boys

Well, it’s officially fall. While my social media has blown up with posts about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and yoga pants, I’m more concerned with how to make my wardrobe transition seamlessly into the next, colder season. More specifically, I fear that I may not survive the winter holidays. Going from sunny and beautiful South Carolina to miserably cold New Hampshire with a wardrobe best suited for 55-degrees or higher will present its challenges. This Fashionisto gives us a great example of layering. Layering is a fashionable, tried and true method to acclimate our styles and available clothing options to colder weather.

He is wearing a gingham button-down shirt under a gray cardigan. This look can provide warmth if you’re cold or the option to shed a layer if you’re warm. Additionally, he is wearing tapered medium wash jeans and a pair of really cool mid-rise boots.

This Fashionisto’s accessories are on point! He’s got a cool pair of retro-inspired sunglasses, similar to the Ray-Bans Clubmasters. Those of you who have read my posts before know that I love leather messenger bags for men. Like most college students, I also love bargain finds. So, when he told me he scored the bag at a thrift store, I about died and went to heaven.

Layering often reminds me of my mother in the winter telling me, “Make sure you have a jacket!” This would present me with a choice: either skip the jacket and freeze or appease my mother. Inevitably, my cute outfit would be ruined by one of those big, bulky snow jackets that made that “swish swish” noise when you walked. It’s important that we all remember that all the benefits of layering can be achieved in a fashionable manner. We can all survive frigid winters stylishly.

Hint: If you’re like me and headed to a place where just a cardigan over a button-down would leave you with frost bite, add another layer! A peacoat would fit perfectly with this look, and provide extra warmth.


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