Let's Hear it for the Boys

Embellishments can be tricky. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a good jacket or shirt ruined by rhinestones or studs. They can clutter an otherwise nice design, or even make an item look cheaper. Embellishments shouldn’t be used to compensate, but rather to enhance, and that only works in the right context.

Therefore I’m often wary of studs. They, even more than other embellishments, have such a distinct connotation that can be hard to escape. They can come across as a bit too trying, too harsh or too punk, especially on someone who is a non-nonconformist. Studs usually catch my eye… but that’s not necessarily a positive thing. This Fashionisto’s studded hat certainly stood out, and luckily, in a good way.

It strikes a good balance between edgy and classic. Though the gold studs are very bold, the hat is a classic style, and the color suits it perfectly. This Fashionisto told me that he bought the hat used, and he noted that the studs had been applied by hand. I’ve found that vintage and handmade items often come across as edgy more successfully. Somehow they appear more honest and less mass-produced. It makes sense, of course, because they are — sometimes it’s just hard to place to your finger on exactly what it is that makes them look more genuine.

This Fashionisto also wears his embellished hat in the right way. With a color-coordinated striped button down, the studs are less overbearing. Jeans also keep the look casual. His loafers contrast the studs, but they keep it from becoming too punk or pretentious. Instead, they help the hat to come across simply as a cool accessory. A final touch that I love is that this Fashionisto painted his nails. Nail polish shouldn’t be so strictly limited to females because it is a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit, or just to add another unique touch.

Hint: Studs can look great, but only in the right context. I recommend going big and bold on an accessory, or more subtle on a main item, like a shirt or jacket. Try this vintage studded baseball hat or this T-shirt with a studded collar!

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