LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Look On The Bright Side

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Along with the official end of light jackets, the sudden lack of motivation to pick outfits and the end of leaves on trees, comes the annual feeling of winter angst. I know it’s hard to care about what you look like in 30-degree weather, but the most determined of stylists will find a way around the discouraging chill.

While the semester draws to a close, it’s easy to think of things in terms of “ends.” For example, 2013 has but a few days left of existence, the plants start to freeze and professors look over the last few assignments of the year. That said, I can see how some consider the winter months a bit depressing.

But, it’s quite the contrary. Winter can be argued as a time of renewal. Baby New Year will make his way into the world, bringing along plenty of sales to revamp your wardrobe, and on December 21, the shortest day of the year, we can all look forward to the official count down to sunnier days.

Just as winter can be viewed as a sign of new things to come, this outfit gave me something to look forward to. Lately, every outfit I come by encompasses black, or gray, but I loved that this Fashionisto added a touch of color to his look by adding a navy blue pocket square to his coat, a bit of red plaid to his collar and a greenish gray to his pants. He even brightened the entire look up with suede lace ups.

Hint: Be positive. So, what if you’re more of a summer sprite and less of a winter warrior? Don’t let the dreary weather force you to dress that way! Blend textures and mix colors to give yourself a little something to look forward to. After all, winter doesn’t last forever.


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