Let's Hear it for the Boys

I must admit that it is a challenge to scour the university and find a male on campus who does not sport the classic burnt orange or neon tank and basketball shorts combination. It becomes a momentous occasion to casually run into the Fashionistos that seldom roam campus at the times that I am not in class. My hope is that by the end of my time at the University of Texas, a new generation of fashion-forward men will arise—even if it’s purely hipster wear.

For now, I must not get ahead of myself and appreciate the few that put thought into their attire, like this Fashionisto. Though plaids have been popular for quite some time, especially in flannel fabrics, I stopped this Fashionisto because I liked the cool color combination in his button-down. It is not common to see a male wearing lilac in Austin. This Fashionisto pairs his Steven Alan plaid with Patagonia shorts that sit above his knees. Note the lack of cargo pockets and the perfect length. For the fraternity lovers at the University of Texas, this pair of khaki shorts is a good alternative to sweats. That is not to say that this Fashionisto is “fratty,” but he is familiar with “frat-wear” and personally considers his shorts as a good item to interchange with basketball shorts.

His tortoise Ray-Ban Clubmasters and Cole Haan loafers add the finishing touch to his simple, yet well-executed attire. Despite the minimalism and naked wrists, this Fashionisto’s attire beats at least half of the student body population of UT, which has reached about 50,000.

Hint: Experiment with interesting color combinations, whether it’s oxblood and beige, or black and navy. Girls are not the only ones who can use color to augment style into their wardrobe. Because men’s fashion tends to be traditional and classic, the perfect way to mix it up is to use color as a tool for change.


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