LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Lime is for Lovers

Let's Hear it for the Boys

With each passing day we get closer and closer to final exam week which only means one thing, stress. Knowing that you have these weeks inching up on you with the extremely unattractive award of examinations makes it hard to want to put effort into your wardrobe every morning when you’ve only gotten a few hours of sleep. Well, have no fear, this week’s Fashionisto was dressed perfectly for this time of the year. He mixes his personal style with effortless comfort and put together the perfect final exam week outfit.

From head to toe this week’s Fashionisto accessorized using lime green accents pulled from the bright use of color in his graphic T-shirt. He starts with a lime green beanie which is not only fashionable but is also practical for the cool weather. He then wears a colorful graphic T-shirt to pull the colorful look together. Atop his T-shirt he sports a super comfortable zip up sweatshirt. This type of sweatshirt is perfect for long days of studying in the library and jetting all over campus towards the end of the semester. This style of sweatshirt is my favorite because it’s used as an accessory, in a way, allowing you to still showcase an entire additional layer of your outfit underneath. He also accessorizes with gray fingerless gloves. Function, style and warmth all in one little glove sounds good to me!

The bottom half of his outfit is just as fun as the top, where he wears a black jean. Black jeans for men are imperative because they can be worn dressed up or down. Finishing off his outfit with these fabulous Vans was the best idea he could have made. They are stylish, comfortable, and did I mention that they have lime green in them? These shoes tie this outfit up perfectly and allow for all day relaxation during final exam week.

Hint: Don’t be shy when it comes to being matchy-matchy. Though sometimes it can be an overload, if you do it right the results will be fantastic. It shows that you put more than five seconds into your outfit – even if that’s all you really wanted to put into it that day. Now that you look amazing boys, go kick some final exam butt!


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