Let's Hear it for the Boys

Each season has a specific feel, and for winter, I find it to be associated with a certain kind of heaviness. There is the heavy snow that greets us when we initially step outside to make the miserable trek to class. And if you’re like me, there is also a heavy weight involved as I let myself hibernate, marathoning seasons of Mad Men on Netflix and downing an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at the same time.

But more than anything else that comes to mind are the heavy coats that winter forces us to wear. While some find really cute winter coats that are still bulky enough to be practical, the rest of us often find it difficult to look cute when the outside resembles more of an Arctic tundra than a beachside vacation. Ultimately, we settle for our knee-length utility North Faces and UGGs in the face of subzero temperatures, preferring warmth over anything else.

As the days seem to increasingly indicate that spring might actually come this year though, that heaviness is slowly going away. Students are slowly swapping out the burden that is their winter coat for jackets that are both lighter and feature more diverse style. This Fashionisto especially rocks a navy blue raincoat with some great eye catching details. The black leather embellishments elevate this piece from an everyday coat to something high quality, as do the toggles on the front. He pairs it with a light blue button-down shirt—a classic piece in any fashion conscious male’s wardrobe that really makes his coat stand out. He truly is thoughtful in his clothing choices, and the crisp contrast of his tan khakis and shoes further attest to the time and attention he put into choosing his combination.

Hint: Time to consider switching into something lighter— maybe something with cool leather panels on the front like the one this Fashionisto is wearing.


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