Let's Hear it for the Boys

The one major difference between the East Coast and West Coast is the weather. Being from southern California, I find it pretty hilarious that when the weather is in just the mere 50s, suddenly everyone is outside in tank tops and shorts throwing a frisbee around on the Old Main lawn. Back in California 50s means it’s time for a parka jacket, beanie and gloves. But, as a student here for the past four years I too have adapted to the North Eastern climate and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t wear a tank top and jean shorts as the weather creeps up into the mid range temperatures.

The great thing about being a Penn State student is that we all appreciate the beautiful transition into spring. We love it and no matter how slightly chilly it is outside, everyone is equally stoked to ditch the sweatshirts and finally rock some T-shirts and shorts.

So when the sun starts to shine don’t even think about grabbing those comfy basketball shorts! You’re better than that and every Fashionisto knows that when it’s finally nice out you have to reach for those super stylish cut-off shorts. I’m talking about those Zac Efron style ripped shorts look that are edgy yet casual.This Fashionisto perfectly captured this look I am describing. It’s a casual look that carries a nice West Coast surfer type vibe. First things first every boy trying to emulate this look needs a pair of Vans. It doesn’t even matter which color, although I personally love them in red. Then you’re going to need a nice pair of cut off shorts and I would definitely suggest these shorts by Levi’s. If you were looking for shorts that are a little more casual I would have to suggest these Volcom shorts, especially if you’re looking for comfort.

Hint: If you want to get creative with this look I would say definitely look for some shorts this spring with either a neon print or a fun pattern. If you’re looking to make this look extra funky, opt for these fun Volcom shorts. Being young college students gives us the freedom to be playful with our wardrobe and basically dress however we please so have fun with it!


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