Let's Hear it for the Boys

Who says graphic T-shirts and backwards caps go out of style when you leave high school? When the sun starts shining, this surfer-inspired style is the perfect thing to wear and show off your fashion sense on a college campus. This Fashionisto found the perfect way to look fashionable and work his favorite graphics into his clothing on one of the first tell-tale days of spring in Boulder.

There were quite a few interesting things going on in this Fashionisto’s outfit. I think it makes the most sense to analyze it from the ground up. This way, the best is saved for last. The beach vibe starts with the bottoms of the pants in this ensemble. Cuffing pant legs can instantly make any outfit feel like it’s time for summer. And of course, when the sun comes out, so do the T-shirts. The graphic on this shirt comes from the popular television show, The Walking Dead. Instead of wearing just his T-shirt though, this Fashionisto layered a flannel over it. The mountain man meets surfer style is perfect for the spring weather of Boulder. Plus, the layers add extra flare to the look, saving the outfit from being just another boring jeans and T-shirt combo. That extra flare is what allows a graphic T-shirt to become part of a fashion statement, rather than just a fun piece of memorabilia.

The last, and perhaps most exciting part of this look is the graphic hat. Maybe it’s because I love ’90s fashion or maybe it’s because I can’t wait for summer, but the fun style of this hat and the way that he wore it made this my favorite part of the outfit. Turning the cap backwards showed that this wasn’t just a hat to be worn because the sun is out. It’s an accessory purposefully chosen, because it livens up the ensemble. This Fashionisto combined his love for The Walking Dead, staples of beach life as the weather warms up, and classic mountain garb since there’s still a hint of chill in the air perfectly.

Hint: Have fun with your clothes! Pick clothes with your favorite graphics and find new ways to incorporate them into your personal fashion. Layers and accessories are great ways to bring graphics into an outfit without letting them take over and detract from the style of your look.


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