LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Leather The Dare Devil

Let's Hear it for the Boys

People’s personal styles are super interesting to explore. Style is an expression in dress. It reveals a person’s personality, what they think looks best on them and even how they are feeling on a particular day. Style varies from person to person. The more different the style the better. The stylish Fashionisto is saying a ton through his choice of dress.

One idea that is crystal clear through his style is that he has a simple but exciting style. He has a blue pair of leather pants that matches his navy blue horse on his Ralph Lauren T-shirt. His shirt is simple. It contains two powerful colors. The top half of his body is simplistic. The bottom half of his body is a bit more daring. Leather is considered the dare devil of his outfit. It stands out among most pants.

There is nothing wrong with flashy elements. His shoes are another eye-catcher of this outfit. He has a pair of fresh Jordan gym shoes. The beautiful blue stands out against the subtle gray on his shoes. The shoes do not match the colors of his outfit exactly. They are in the same family. That idea applies to the Gucci belt he has on as well. That keeps the steady flow and feel of the outfit. That is an element of an outfit that makes it appealing.

Hint: Don’t be afraid to keep it simple and add a twist! Your twist doesn’t have to be leather. It can be a crazy print like polka-dots or stripes. Make sure you stay creative and have fun!


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