Let's Hear it for the Boys

Leather jackets have always been a timeless staple to any wardrobe. From Danny Zuko in Grease to Tom Cruise in The Outsiders, leather jackets have made a name for themselves in the world of tough guys. Now a days, you don’t have to carry a switch blade to sport a leather jacket. This Fashionisto proved that your average college kid with a great sense of style could rock this leather piece.

Starting with the focal point of the outfit, the black leather jacket set the tone for the ensemble. The versatile feature of a leather jacket is that it can go from spring weather to winter weather just by layering underneath. This Fashionisto’s jacket was light enough just to have a hoodie and a shirt underneath. The chest pockets added more function by being able to store more things than just your cell phone and wallet. I mean, who doesn’t love pockets on a clothing item? The style of jacket was a great choice as well, having a simple construction. You can have multiple styles of leather jackets, but having a simple cut and color allowed this Fashionisto to get creative with other aspects of his outfit.

Underneath the jacket was a simple gray hoodie, but the addition of this item to the outfit was anything but simple. Layering it under the hoodie added warmth and style to this Fashionisto’s getup. You could change up with kind of sweatshirt you wore, the unzipped version revealed the shirt underneath and let the hood of the jacket poke out from behind. The hood peaking out gave a casualness to the outfit that was a little lost with the leather jacket.

The shirt poking out from the layers was a blue stripped button-up. This button-up was a little different, only having four buttons, all unbuttoned. Having a semi-button shirt was a great way to bring a little business to this outfit without wearing a crisp work shirt. The pop of color with the blue and white stripe was a great way to break up the black and gray, and brought life to the top half of this ensemble.

On the bottom half this Fashionisto was rocking some green-gray pants. Now I say green-gray simply because these pants had a wash of muted green, which brought a strange color combination. The rest of the pieces played off each other well being that they were all very different shades. That is why it all worked though, every shade of the outfit was simple enough not to compete with one another. Mixing colors like this can be hard, but if the colors aren’t all bright and attention grabbing, you can get away with mixing colors that wouldn’t be the usual choice.

Finishing off the outfit was a pair of brown boots. Always a classic in my book, these brown boots brought more of the toughness that was started off by the leather jacket. Now usually I would wag my finger at mixing brown and black textures together, but the fact that they are so far from each other on the outfit makes this combination work. The brown brings the pants seamlessly into the outfit, and the black molds the gray and blue into the outfit.

Don’t let leather intimidate you! Bringing this classic piece into your wardrobe can transform any getup you think of into a stylish statement.

Hint: These days they sell leather jackets with hoods attached to them, so you don’t have to buy two pieces. Money saver!


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