LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Layers On Layers On Layers

Let's Hear it for the Boys

It’s a month after the holidays, but Jack Frost is still going strong. With temperatures at the lows that they have been reaching, I bet all everyone wants to do is forget their troubles and bundle up by the fire. As tempting as that sounds, we all still have to bear the cold and walk from class to class while Jack is nipping at our noses. But no one said you can’t do it in style!

A surefire way to protect yourselves from chilly winters is to bundle up. This Fashionisto displays perfect balance in layering that we all should admire. He is sporting a cozy button-up knit gray cardigan over a red crewneck sweater and a white long sleeved thermal shirt underneath. To top off the look, he adds a patterned gray and black scarf and a black ski hat. Though his outfit does not look very heavy, he has done the most to keep himself warm in these harsh temperatures. The white thermal he wears under his sweater protects his chest from the blowing winds while avoiding making his upper half look overly bulky, and the red sweater adds a very appealing pop of color to an otherwise monotone gray and black color scheme. The thick cardigan provides the same amount of protection against the cold as a puffy winter jacket would, but in a more fashionable and less interfering way. The scarf not only keeps his neck warm, but also creates a patterned statement for the outfit’s overall look.

Investing in a few versatile basics such as thermals and thick sweaters is a smart choice for winters as brutal as this one. They provide protection from harsh winds and are also fashion forward. Not to mention they are easy to take off when faculty overestimates how cold everyone is when they turn up the heat inside lecture halls to an unbearable 90-degrees.

Hint: Another great way to warm up in this chilly weather is to keep your hands just as protected as your body. To help yourselves stay warm this winter, try adding mitten/gloves to a layered ensemble to get great protection from the cold.  These not only keep your hands warm, but also allow your fingers to function normally in the dead cold!


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