Let's Hear it for the Boys

The time is coming, thank goodness, where we will once again be able to enjoy the outdoors rather than brace for them. Usually it’s the same every year and we all cannot wait for a new season to begin. We go from longing for the days when we could wear scarves and boots to hastily awaiting when we can once again don shorts and open-toed shoes.

Spring may be playing hard to get, but that’s okay. This Fashionisto demonstrates the perfect way to keep up with this crazy season. He wears some light wash blue jeans paired with a gray sweatshirt that shows off some school pride with simple black lettering and graphics. They’re simple choices and very laid back, but the tan J75 by Jump boots he chooses definitely amp up the outfit and bring some cool to his look. He wears his jeans slightly cuffed and pulled up letting the boots stand out; after all, great shoes can make all the difference!

He finishes his look off with a black peacoat and dark gray, infinity scarf. We’ve all heard the sayings that go a little something like, “Life is too short to play it safe,” but I for one think this Fashionisto was smart for being prepared for the inevitable weather changes and wearing layers. I’m not sure about you guys, but in the South we can literally experience all four seasons in one day, like I’ve probably said before and can’t say enough because it is just so true and frustrating. By wearing layers you aren’t confined to freezing all day like if you just chose to throw on a heavy crew neck. Beware, the weather report lies!

Hint: Try a Levi’s denim vest or a Patagonia puffer vest if you think the layering look is something you want to try. Either one paired with a sweatshirt like the one worn by this Fashionisto, or a classic button-down would keep you warm and gives you stylish options throughout the day.


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