LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Layering It Up With Color

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Chilly winds and clouds demand layers. If you live in the Midwest, there isn’t really any way escape layering in the fall and winter unless you want to freeze. Layering can definitely be complicated. Does this striped collared shirt work with this cashmere sweater? Should I add a yellow scarf to the outfit? And what about this trench coat to complete the look? With all these layers, you may begin to feel like a mummy wrapped in too much gauze. However, multiple layers can look great. The key is adding the right amount of color.

I spotted this Fashionisto suitably dressed  in colorful layers on a cloudy, windy fall day. He defied the dreary day with hues of rose, bright blue, off-white, and navy. His look is pragmatic yet stylish. Being practical but also adding some pizzazz to your attire, calls for success. This Fashionisto chose to jazz up his look with wearing these corduroy rose-colored pants. Though a light pink may evoke the image of spring flowers, it is essential for those dull days of fall. These bright pants are appropriately toned down with causal, navy boat loafers. A collared shirt with baby blue pinstripes played up his outfit and counterbalanced the more informal loafers and cotton vest. He completed his outfit with layering a bright blue cotton Columbia vest. His vest is practical with its soft, warm material yet fashionable with its bold hue. This Fashionisto conquered a layered look by simultaneously choosing cheerful colors and plainer hues and by being both pragmatic and stylish.

Hint: Though this Fashionisto did a wonderful job layering it up with color, I would spice it up with even bolder hues. Take for example, Alexis Mabille’s fall/winter collection 2013. My favorite look was slate collared shirt layered with a deep V-neck black sweater and paired with black and gold-checkered pants. The look was completed by a neon yellow belt and jet black boots. Hot colors such as lavender, maroon, cobalt, aqua, peach and blood red were also splashed throughout the collection.


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