Let's Hear it for the Boys

The other day, the temperature dropped below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. While many often become accustomed to the temperature (to the point where 50 feels tropical), the initial transition to the winter is quite brutal. I found this Fashionisto near a recently abandoned tent for Providence’s seasonally famous WaterFire event. I was drawn to his simple yet chic approach to layering.

I’m always a sucker for monochrome black outfits. I am also really into how this Fashionisto has played with proportions in his garments. Today was somewhat rainy, so the water-protective outer layer makes sense. It is interesting, though, how the slightly oversized garment gives this Fashionisto’s silhouette a unique geometry. The slightly boxy and protective rain jacket sits atop some casually layered basics that emphasize a clean simplicity. To incorporate this kind of look, you can either go really bold with the jacket like this one here or a bit more subtle like this one.

A simple black sweater can go a long way. As a simple layering option, you can’t really go wrong with black. Beneath the black sweater lies another sweater that is a rich but slightly muted cream color. The contrast between the Fashionisto’s very black pieces with the cream color is nice as it adds a bit more dimension and diversity to the overall look.

Slim-fit, very dark, black pants are my go-to pants for fall and winter. The slim look, I think, adds some nice contrast in volume between pieces. Not to mention, black looks good with everything. Is it fair to say that slim or skinny fit pants are also warmer? I’d like to think so.

The fact that this Fashionisto tops off his look with clogs is an interesting choice. I feel that clogs often get a bad rap, but this Fashionisto really works them. I like how casual they make the outfit on the whole and the shine they add is similarly pleasant. Special shout out to this Fashionisto for developing an outfit that also compliments his hair color. That’s dedication.

Hint: If you want to spice up your look, don’t be afraid to play with contrasts in volume. Few remember to play with tight fitting pants with oversized jackets or sweaters, but it is an eye-catching look that is quite unique and fun to work with.


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