Let's Hear it for the Boys

With clouds overhead on a breezy day, layering up is sometimes the only option guys have. There are many ways to layer up on a cold day, but this Fashionisto had style on his mind. A big winter coat isn’t always a must-have to stay warm. Sometimes a simple three-layer-combination can have a guy feeling warm when he makes his way around town. Even incorporating some summer attire can help guys fight the fierce weather.

This Fashionisto decided to start off with a simple tank top underneath his outfit, creating a cozy base-layer that gives his arms plenty of room to move around. Next, any basic hoodie will do the trick as the second layer. This Fashionisto explained how his hoodie covered his entire body, giving extra warmth to his arms that weren’t covered up by his tank top. Throwing on a slightly heavier jacket as the top layer of his outfit was his main defense against the wind. An all-black jacket definitely makes it easier for matching almost any article of clothing in one’s closet.

Jeans are a must for Fashionistos on cold days, but a hat is both a great way to accessorize and keep one’s head protected from the wind. This Fashionisto’s Supreme 5 panel adds a taste of streetwear to his wardrobe, while keeping his head warm. It’s complemented by his Herschel Supply Co. backpack, which is perfect for a Fashionisto on-the-go.

Hint: Fashionistos, throw a few base layers on first so you can ease up on the heavy jackets. This also helps give you more comfort when you all are moving around because it’s always nice to choose which layer you want to peel off. With a heavy coat, you lose that freedom. Add some flavor to your ensemble by layering up with this killer three-layer-combination!



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