Let's Hear it for the Boys

With wind chill reaching lows of -20 in the Midwest, most of us would prefer putting on an adorable fleece onesie and curling up next to a warm fire. Unfortunately college goes on, classes are mandatory and there’s a slim chance it’s getting warm soon. I know it’s tempting to switch out your scarf for a creepy ski mask, but there’s better ways to dress for this polar vortex. Layer up, grab an oversized scarf and throw on a hat, you can still beat this weather with great style.

I spotted this European Fashionisto all bundled up ready to take on the cold. His denim jacket over a fleece-lined sweater and flannel button-up paired with a navy blue scarf keep his torso extra warm. He reaches to his native German roots and accessorizes his outfit with a nordic headband. Lastly, fitted pants and laced boots finish his winter look. Layering can be a difficult concept to grasp; if done wrong, easily you could look like an explosion of color and pattern. The trick is to keep it simple. Stick to neutral colors, denim and simple patterns. This Fashionisto exemplifies this by wearing different shades of tan, gray and blue.

By no means do I say reaching for a jean jacket over your arctic-proof North Face is a good idea for weather below zero, but there’s nothing wrong with knowing how to layer correctly under your coat. The most important thing is to stay safe and don’t forget those layers!

Hint: Pick a couple colors and work with their different shades to build an outfit, especially with layering. Wearing red plaid with a purple sweater and green pants is never a good idea.


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