Let's Hear it for the Boys

Not ready to embrace those spring time colors yet? Well no worries, you are not alone! Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean you have to dig up the brightest colors in our closet. Spring is a time where you can shed a few layers while remaining calm, cool and collected throughout the season. While I am a big color fanatic myself, I realize that it’s not for everyone and that’s just fine!

Fashion on campus can be a constant state of fluctuation. Recently, quite a few of us have waved goodbye to the hot thick sweaters and long bulky coats and instead traded in for some short sleeved T-shirts in a variety of colors. While some people have gone all out for spring with their bright yellows, pinks, blues and greens, with and without printed graphics, others have decided to take a more subtle approach to spring.

As an example, this week’s Fashionisto was sporting a black button-down shirt with ripped jeans and black tennis shoes. He bypassed all the bright spring colors for a look of his own. In wearing black, this Fashionisto projects a stylishly low profile. The look he created wasn’t too loud nor too flashy, it simply declared his perfectly laid back and relaxed approach to spring. With the end of the semester rapidly approaching here at Central, I think this easy going look works and is incredibly easy to recreate. Button-downs are great for this time of year because it’s still a bit chilly so you won’t feel under dressed in just a colorful T-shirt. Depending on what you pair with them, you can pull off a cool and casual look, or perhaps project a smooth out on the town appeal. Ripped jeans have become a classic staple in most closets these days; they often offer a bit of an edgy look without being out of control. The black sneakers are a must because as an accessory, they practically go with anything and can help dress up or dress down a look depending on the mood. To each his own, and in this case, black works for this cool Fashionisto!

Hint: Male or female, button-downs are a must for every closet! They are so simple to add into your wardrobe and you can use them for a number of different things depending on the look you are trying to create. Button-downs are a considered a classic item and they come in variety of different colors and prints to satisfy your every need!


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