Let's Hear it for the Boys

We all have hobbies, different interests and unique points of views. What you might consider and label as fashionable might not reflect the same idea as the person next to you. Sometimes, it’s hard to label things when the definition of some of these words are determined by the interpretation. While on the other hand there’s things we usual label right off the bat. This theory about labels and fashion really got me thinking, thanks to this Fashionisto.

This week’s Fashionisto really caught my eye when we were actually about to leave campus. What really spoke to me was the helmet. Biker dude, I quickly labeled him. He’s got the boots, he’s got the gloves and he’s got the whole jacked and tough look. Then I started thinking how interestingly we label things. In reality he was dressed for riding, sure, but besides that, his ensemble was driven because of his hobby/lifestyle. Sometimes, we forget that little things like our hobbies, our personalities and life experiences should influence how we dress. Sure, GQ has some great fashion advice and so do many bloggers, but in the end you should tell your story your way and not only aim for something similar to what X person wore/suggested.

Fashion advice is great, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure we can all agree on how important fashion is to each one of us. (Hence why you’re reading this and I’m writing this). But, I encourage myself and you to seek within ourselves and question what makes you, you; then pick something out of your wardrobe and tell your story. Or even if you’re thinking, “hey, today I feel more like the outdoors type of lifestyle,” then dress up based upon that idea. People will still label you preppy, grunge, hipster, emo, jock-like and nerdy. Whatever it is, it’s only natural to because in our heads, that’s how it makes sense. My overall message to you is don’t mind being labeled. Fashion is not always about dressing pretty to others; it’s not always going to be what you’d find on a magazine cover. It’s only as fashionable and appealing as you express it.

Hint: Do this: look through your wardrobe and select your top 10 pieces (top five, if it’s small) and make sure you’re not picking these because they’re your newest addition to your closet. Then question why you picked it, what caught your eye, what story do you think comes with it. If your answer is, “Well it was on sale, so yeah,” then question why that specific piece and not the other one at the shop. After that, think about your personality, who you are and how you portrait that through garments.


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