LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Kickin’ It Old School

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Okay let’s be honest, us college students tend to be on the completely broke side. We also tend to be in desperate need of the style gods at the same time, and those two do not mix well.  I spotted this Fashionisto heading into the library so I had to stop and ask how he had such great style. His answer? Thrift stores. Harrisonburg might as well be called the Disney World of thrift stores. With the amount of kids looking to save some extra cash, a thrift store can become a college student’s best friend. And that’s exactly what this Fashionisto achieves with his amazingly, thrifty finds!

This guy knows how to kick it old school in a hybrid jean jacket hooded sweatshirt!  Can you believe he found this gem in our very own Goodwill? The detail on the back is definitely a conversation starter! If you can’t find one of your own in a Goodwill nearby, try out this jacket from Urban Outfitters.

Now let’s take a minute to admire those thick-rimmed glasses. Know where he found these? Well, he kept the movie theater’s 3D glasses and reused them as an accessory.

Let’s not forget that yellow backpack. Stand out in something similar to brighten up the dreary winter. Primary colors always remind me of our ‘90s kid days.

Hint: This dude is inspiring with his creativity and style. He makes me believe that just about anything can be turned into an accessory. Take cues from Macklemore and head on over to your nearest thrift shop. You’re sure to find that what one person’s trash is, in fact, another person’s treasure.


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