Let's Hear it for the Boys

Jeans are not your only option for pants during winter, guys. A wide variety of pants are in style this season–from the drop-crotch sweatpants to a pair of Givenchy meggings, we Fashionistos have many options to choose from.

I ran into this Fashionisto outside of our campus bookstore. Right when I opened the door and saw him, I was so glad I had my camera to take a picture. He went with a more classic pair of corduroy pant, bringing individuality to his outfit. I love how his pair was a brackish-red, rather than maroon. This shade of red balanced well with the neutral of his peacoat and pair of boots.

It has been snowing like crazy up here in the mountains. High-top shoes are a must-have footwear for winter, and this Fashionisto had the right idea with his pair of desert boots. They’re not only perfect for trucking through the snow, but they’re even more perfect as the ultimate winter boot. Although desert boots have been around for a while, their sleek look and comfortable feel are what keep the Fashionistos coming back for more years later.

Peacoats have been one of the most popular style of coats on Radford’s campus this year. I personally love flipping up my collar when I wear mine because it blocks my neck from the wind and looks chic. This Fashionisto strayed away from the typical black peacoat, instead he chose a charcoal gray version. His peacoat’s color emphasized the color of his corduroys.

Hint: A simple plaid button-up shirt is a great undergarment piece, when the majority of your ensemble is outerwear. Peacoats can be worn with almost any outfit, and they look very professional. It’s never too late to purchase one. They’ve been a timely piece in menswear collections, so I don’t think they’ll be disappearing from the streets any time soon. A pair of corduroys is an easy alternative to the everyday jean. Cords are durable, too, so don’t be scared to skateboard or bike to class in them. Desert boots are a great footwear investment and should be in every Fashionisto’s closet, or at least the Fashionistos who dress for business and keep the class.



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