Let's Hear it for the Boys

As dark and dreary winter ensues, motivation to dress fashionably can be lost. Our minds are filled with thoughts of warmth and sunshine, and we lust after the thought of the approaching spring and summer seasons. However, it is too easy to take winter fashion completely for granted. Winter is the only season that permits layering, (faux) fur and beautiful coats. All of these are wonderful ways to express personal style and allow for options that aren’t available when dressing for warmer weather.

Instead of settling for the average hoodie and sweatpants, take a cue from this week’s Fashionisto. One way to break the winter blues is to dress up a comfortable look with a statement coat, as he does. This Fashionisto chose the traditional peacoat, which is a double-breasted coat with subtle military influences. He let the coat do the talking by keeping the rest of the outfit monochromatic and streamlined. He chose to wear a simple sweater from AllSaints, worn in denim and lace up Toms. Without the coat, the outfit may be simple and nondescript, but with the addition of the coat a definite modern classic look is achieved.

Historically speaking, peacoats were worn by the U.S. Navy and are typically associated with a more formal type of dress. Though this may be a widespread association, this week’s Fashionisto demonstrates how the stereotype can be broken. He has found a way to put his own spin on the coat, a true testament to his personal style.

Hint: Don’t let the pea coat’s history keep you from trying to incorporate one into your wardrobe. A peacoat is timeless and can be styled in many different ways. For example, if your style leans toward the preppy side, a peacoat can certainly accentuate a button-up, bow tie and oxfords. But a pea coat can also work with more hip styles. Try throwing your coat over a graphic T-shirt, jeans and a pair of sturdy boots like Dr. Martens. Next time you take a look into your closet, think about how you would style a peacoat. Don’t be afraid to splurge on a well-made classic coat. It’s likely to last a lifetime.


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