Let's Hear it for the Boys

Let’s face it… we are college students who can’t always afford the newest jacket or the in-trend pair of jeans so we invest in basics. Basics are easy on the wallets plus flexible to incorporate into every avenue of fashion. A great example of the versatility of a simple basic is the white V-neck that you have multiples of in your closet. It looks great during the day with bright-colored chinos and you can dress it up with a casual blazer and dark jeans for the evening out. Unfortunately the V-neck will have to wait a few weeks as are we still dealing with the chilly winds.

This Fashionisto is rocking some basics that fuse together to create a stylish ensemble. If we break apart his outfit, you’ll find that you surely have these items in your closets (if not, hurry and get them). Bring out that comfy sweater that you love to snuggle and study in, like this one from J.Crew, and combine it with a lighter shade or gray color slim fit jeans. Pull out a pair of boots like the Timberlands you’ve stored away and then throw on a light ­­­­­­jacket. Now that we are done layering the basics, lets a key element to the outfit. This focal piece needs to grab attention and give your outfit the head turning factor. Like this Fashionisto, you can add a bright colored scarf or a graphic backpack. In the morning when you grab the basic elements for the day, grab a surprising and brightening addition to the outfit. If you have an 8am class and you need help waking up, grab a brightly colored coffee thermos. Add to the basics can  make your look more stylish and revitalizing.

Hint: Many men usually only invest in snow boots, thinking that light boots are mainly for women. Wrong! There are great, light weighted boots that add a perfect ending to the whole outfit. Try these comfortable and smart boots from Zara or Cole Haan.


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