LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Jazzy Jackets and Religious Rings

Let's Hear it for the Boys

University Boulevard is a main attraction on The University of Arizona campus apart from its amazingly gorgeous campus. As I was passing the familiar restaurants and retailers on the street, this Fashionisto made me take a second look. I knew that he would be a great feature from the moment that I laid eyes on his leather jacket with the interesting detailing on the zipper and collar.

A leather jacket will always be a staple item needed to decorate the closets of men and women around the world. It is in no way an inordinate purchase for the winter months; it is actually a fantastic way to add a dash of style to any outfit. Especially when it’s as great as this one! After asking him where he got his jacket he surprisingly stated that it was once his father’s. It’s a vintage leather jacket by a German brand called Hein Gericke. Do you remember what I told you about shopping your parents’ closet? If you’re as lucky as him, you just might find pieces like this one.

This Fashionisto’s pairing of black leather and dark denim with a crisp white button-up and grungy Vans is a great way to accomplish an effortless look that maintains a certain amount of originality. Apart from his inimitable haircut, this look can be replicated with ease. Your choice of leather can be as basic or flashy as you’d like while your Vans can also be worn rugged or kept clean. It is all about personal preference.

What adds incomparable greatness to this Fashionisto’s outfit is his fearless application of accessories. He shopped a local Tucson Turquoise jewelry store to find one of the rings you see and another was from Ireland. He also had a religious ring from an old friend. This is what I mean when I say wear what you love, and wear it often! Find a piece like this Fashionisto’s jacket or accessories and wear them to display things like your faith or family history.

Hint: Be who you want to be through fashion. Inspire someone with your unique outfits and try to wear pieces that have sentiment. Buy more quality items to add to your wardrobe. By doing this you can create a collection of long lasting apparel products. Why waste money when you can have the things that you really need remain faithful in their resilience against wear and tear?


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