LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Jackets for the Spring?

Let's Hear it for the Boys

What is more iconic than a leather jacket? It represents American fashion as well as being a stylish component to any outfit. Leather jackets have become ubiquitous, popping up in a wide variety of styles, colors and price ranges. The problem nowadays is not finding a leather jacket; it’s finding the right one.

This Fashionisto shows just how to rock a leather jacket for the spring. His jacket is a lighter, distressed brown, which lends a casual air and a sense of character. The color also helps to transition into the brighter clothes stereotypically worn in warmer weather. To further add a sense of spring to his outfit, he pairs the jacket with a bright and colorful sweater. Dark gray jeans serve as a perfect foil to the multicolored stripes of his sweater. His accessories add as much character to his outfit as his jacket does. His glasses are larger framed and a brown tortoise shell, which is less harsh than a solid black or brown. Small black earrings and dark brown shoes add a minimalistic clean touch, complementing the more exciting pieces of his outfit.

A leather jacket is often acts as a cultural artifact, recording and absorbing significant events as it is worn. As such, the ways in which to wear a leather jacket are as varied as the people wearing them. They reflect the personality of the wearer and are a perfect complement to any outfit.

Hint: Choosing a leather jacket can be intimidating, there’s so many choices! Don’t be afraid, as there are no right or wrong choices for a leather jacket. Since they’re pretty durable and will likely last a while, choose one that is versatile. Staying with neutral colors is a safer choice but bold colors can make a statement. Make sure to choose one which flatters your body type and makes you feel good. Don’t get too caught up in a trendy cut or neon color and choose one that looks good and makes you feel better!


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