LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY’S: It’s Alright To Be Bright

Let's Hear it for the Boys

When it comes to fashion there are always a couple trends that are considered “hit or miss.” The first one that comes to mind is the style of bright colored denim, it’s just one of those fashions you either love or hate. Personally I love it, it brings a certain flair to the outfit in my opinion, especially in the winter. With all the cold and cloudy days, every now and then you just need to add that pop of color! Last year colored denim was really big mainly during the spring and summer time. Now that it’s winter time, I don’t see as many colors being worn but I’m happy to see the color red is still hanging in there.

I happened to run into this Fashionisto while sitting in Starbucks. First thing that caught my eye were his red pants. This Fashionisto definitely had a unique sense of style pairing his black dress shirt, blue and red tie and colored denim together. I never would have imagined the combination put together so well when considering the black hoodie, brown long boots and single breasted peacoat. The pants and the abstract tie combined really bring the outfit to life and captured my attention. I like his style a lot because this Fashionisto is not afraid to mix and match different things to create a whole new look.

People naturally assume that a dress shirt and tie strictly mean business but that’s not always the case. Yes, in the business world a suit and tie are almost essential, but in the everyday world the sky’s the limit. While this look is more of a campus casual, I could see it being worn for a presentation or a simple banquet, but it also works for evenings out with friends or a special dinner. Colored denim is a pretty popular look once again, if you read up on your favorite celebrities, you’ll see that even they love it!

Hint: Closet looking a little dull? Need to bring back the fun in fashion? Consider adding colored denim into the wardrobe whether it be pants or maybe even a jacket. Having a splash of color here and there never hurts, in fact, it can brighten up the day. There are all sorts of things you can pair together to make the look your own, the possibilities are endless.


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