Let's Hear it for the Boys

The mornings are beginning to feel cooler as the weather changes. The early routine of coffee before class has almost every student on campus standing in line, waiting for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, the ultimate wake-up drink. You can tell that the season of fall is moments away, so goodbye shorts and hello corduroys.

Whenever this transitional change on campus occurs, I get that excited feeling inside as my mind jumps to thoughts of hot chocolate afternoons and the smell of cozy, warm fireplaces. I also get stoked about the fall outfits for girls and guys alike. Garnering inspiration from campus ensembles is one of my favorite ways to keep looks appropriate for the season. It also is a great way to see what works and what to stay away from. From time to time, you can gather inspiration from a unisex outfit of choice, an outfit that looks just as attractive on a girl as it does on a guy. What outfit may this be? The signature plaid shirt and beanie hat.

This Fashionisto was spotted wearing just that kind of look. A plaid shirt is a hot fall item to consider if you have been shopping for those autumn essentials. Colors and patterns of every variety can be found. Green plaid is the second most popular choice on USC’s campus after the famous red and white flannel and can be seen on three or more students in one day. His corduroys pair nicely with the plaid button-down, coordinating with the color scheme of darker tones for the season. He adds a beanie to the mix and has swapped boat shoes for two-toned sneaks, working with the similar color palette and maintaining neutrality.

Hint: Consider this look the green and gray option. There are many other colors to choose from if this outfit seems too dark or unapproachable. Autumn colors are generally reds, oranges and yellows, so lighten this look up with a simple color swap. Hate beanies? Opt for a cap if you need something on your head or consider a scarf instead. Choose one accessory to work with, as too much going on near the head area can become a bit overwhelming.


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