LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: It’s All In The Sneakers

Let's Hear it for the Boys

At Villanova, an aspect of fashion that has been noticeably different from the Bay Area is the absence of the sneakerhead culture. Throughout elementary and high school, sneakers consumed my life. From the weeks of saving, to waiting hours in line, to the struggle to sell old pairs of Nikes or Jordans, all I thought about was having the newest pair of shoes on my feet. Thus, it wasn’t hard for me to spot a fellow sneakerhead on campus.

I’ve noticed this particular Fashionisto on a number of occasions, often looking down to see what sneakers he’s wearing first. A classic pair of Jordans can be worn with almost anything. This Fashionisto chose to pair his Air Jordan IV Breds with a plaid shirt and a pair of waxed black denim. When choosing an outfit, it’s important not to match colors so definitively. This Fashionisto’s executes this rule well, as the red shirt and hat complement the shoes and pick up their subtle accents.

In terms of his denim, I was impressed with his decision. Very rarely do I see a pair of waxed black denim jeans. Similar to the leather jeans Kanye West is notorious for, pulling off waxed denim is all in the confidence. Clearly that isn’t something this Fashionisto lacks. However, if you don’t feel comfortable pulling off these jeans just yet, a pair of selvedge denim is perfect for any occasion and looks great with sneakers. This pair by A.P.C. has pretty much become the industry standard when it comes to selvedge denim.

The versatility of sneakers can sometimes be underestimated. Though they are often seen as casual shoes, these sneakers can be dressed up if done correctly. Jordans are not an uncommon sight when it comes to fashion week. As with waxed denim, stepping out in something unconventional is all about confidence. With that, it’s still important to keep trying new things. Don’t be afraid!

Hint: A simple outfit complements a great pair of sneakers well, as it allows the shoes to do the talking. Don’t hesitate to keep it simple and go with a plain V-neck underneath. Throw a bomber jacket over to make it even edgier.


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