LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: It’s All About The Business

Let's Hear it for the Boys

This semester will soon wrap up in a few weeks. For some of us, it’s a step closer to graduation. For others the long awaited day will be around the corner, and you will be able to call yourself a college graduate (congrats on my behalf). Before any of us head out into the real world, I think its time to realize the importance of class presentations. Next time you hear your professor assign a class presentation, don’t feel overwhelmed with the thought of having to stand in front of the class.

Take this opportunity to practice on your communication skills. Not only do you receive feedback from your classmates on what communication techniques you should improve on, but you also get the chance to dress up. It’s important to dress in business attire when you have class presentations. In some cases, you might have professors who don’t obligate you to dress up for presentations. In my opinion, I suggest you to take the initiative and start practicing how to dress professionally now for the future.

Every afternoon I’ve noticed this one Fashionisto dressed in business attire from the rest of the crowd. His outfit is far from the usual boring monochromatic suit. Instead he adds a little twist to his look by wearing mix and match pieces and bold colors. I finally got the chance to approach him and snap a picture of him before he went off to his busy schedule.

Notice how he maintains a causal business look by wearing a red plaid button-down underneath his personalized navy blazer. To add some contrast to his look he opted for a pair of white bottoms. He did a great job with tying the look together by choosing a belt and a pair of loafers that match in color. While we were chatting about how our days have been, I questioned him about his reason behind dressing in business attire all time. His response was, “I like to keep it business-y all the time,” and I was intrigued with his answer. He explained to me that it’s important for him to dress well, because one never knows whom they are going to meet. First impressions always make a difference especially in the world of business.

Hint: If you’re a busy Fashionisto, and you don’t have enough time to change for your date night, try changing the blazer for a cardigan. A cardigan will transform your outfit into a more casual feel. This way you have room to be comfortable, but at the same time it can keep you warm during these upcoming cold nights.


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