LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: It’s All About the Business Baby

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Style comes naturally to most of us. However, incorporating that style into business wear can sometimes be a stressful challenge. How do you bring out your personality without looking unprofessional?  While there are many answers to this question, I believe this Fashionisto provides an awesome cheat sheet on how to look polished and professional.

Regardless of the job you are interviewing for or attending, you should always aim to project a positive image. My favorite aspect of this look is that it is inviting and even presidential to an extent. For instance, notice how well blue and red go together. Red can be overpowering, nonetheless. His is subtle enough that it works. These colors are great because they reflect leadership and confidence. You want your employer to realize you are serious about the job.

What shoes you wear can determine how your employer interprets you. Because they are the foundation of your ensemble, make a clear, personal statement with your shoes. The loafers worn by the Fashionisto have character. Because they are distressed, they differentiate themselves from the boring black and brown shoes you find most men wearing. The rich color contrasts quite nicely against the khaki pants. The structured portfolio case is also a nice touch. It correlates with his shoes, making an organized presentation.

Last, but certainly not least, choosing to wear a blazer shows he means business. A blazer is a perfect example of combining a corporate look with a hint of personality. It is an extremely versatile article of clothing. It can be worn over a dress shirt and even over a simple V-neck T-shirt. It can also be mixed and matched with khaki pants, slacks and a nice pair of denim jeans. When worn in the appropriate manner, a blazer exudes confidence, style, sophistication and power—all of which are needed not only in the corporate world, but in everyday life.

Hint: How you dress reflects your intended performance at work. If you want to look personable, this look is for you. Add a blazer and a great pair of shoes to spice up any business casual look. Furthermore, be creative with your tie and dress shirt. This is where you can really express your personality. For visual interest, use plaid patterns like this Fashionisto has done.


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