LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Irish Wonderland

Let's Hear it for the Boys

With the temperatures finally beginning to really plummet here in South Bend, Notre Dame students experienced their first legitimate snowfall of the year. While many students were unprepared for the accumulating flurries and freezing temps, this guy was ready to face the fury.

His first line of defense is his thick polo zip-hoodie and classy khaki pants. The subtle and earthy tones that make up these two pieces, along with his matching Jordan sneakers, really create a nice, soft foundation for the rest of the look.

To top the look off and really prepare for the elements, this sporty Fashionisto grabbed his timeless monogram jacket and spirited pompom beanie. With the navy and gold that are the school’s traditional colors, the jacket provides a strong contrast to the subdued backdrop of hoodie, pants and shoes, becoming the focal piece of the look. The beanie also plays a surprisingly significant role in the final look, as it frames his face in black and therefore gives the entire look a darker feel.

Hint: Want to brighten this look up? Try working with a hat that is predominantly or entirely comprised of a lighter hue like white or light grey. Still cold? Button that jacket and add a grey scarf on top. Not a flashy sneaker kind of guy? Swap the Jordan’s out and replace them with a simple and sturdy pair of Nike boots. You’ll be just as equipped, if not more so, to handle the weather, and you’ll still look great.



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