LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Into The Urban Jungle

Let's Hear it for the Boys

With the numerous amounts of buildings and the jungle like summer weather it is no wonder why the city is referred to the “urban jungle.” And when one goes to the jungle, they must carry camouflage with them. Camo has become such a popular trend in the fashion world that it will be no surprise that it will transition over to summer. There are many ways that you can utilize this trend to your advantage.

Since the temperature has gone up it doesn’t mean that you can no longer wear a jacket; on the contrary, you should have one with you to keep the harmful UV away from your skin. Just remember that the jacket is made from a breathable material. For those rainy summer days, there are camouflage anoraks to shield you from the drizzle. You can even wear them when it’s not raining. Wearing a jacket also brings together an outfit, it makes it look complete. You can also find shirts with the print on them. For camo these I suggest to get them in a bold and new pattern, to make your look more fresh.

Don’t forget that you can also translate this trend to your bottoms. For those casual days there are chinos available and for a more dressed up look there are also pants. There is a verity of colors to choose from depending on the look and mood that your trying to portray in your outfit. And if it’s too hot to wear pants, there is the alternative of wearing shorts in the print.

The thing with camouflage is to incorporate it in a unique way in your wardrobe. Use it to spice up a simple outfit or make it the staple piece on another. You just have to make it your own and also have fun with it.

Hint: Here are some places where you can get the looks listed above. You can find a Jacket here or here in the trend above. You can get shirts in this or this. You can find the Bottoms here or here. Remember! Always involve your personal style and experiment, but mainly have fun with it.


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