Let's Hear it for the Boys

A simple, classic look; you know what I’m talking about—yup, in my white tee! This Fashionisto didn’t have to try hard at all to look this good. It’s all about the basics here!

A plain, white T-shirt is all you need to begin with. You’ll be surprised by the millions of ways you can work this must-have. The first place I would recommend you look to find one is Target; they have quite the selection! For example, Mossimo is a well-known brand for all your basic clothing necessities and you can find almost anything and everything of the label at Target. But honestly, the way to go is Hanes. You can find Hanes clothing all over because they’re such a classic, trusted brand. The comfort and the price of their pieces are tough to beat.

He has some great jeans, right? The key is the fit. They’re not necessarily “skinny” jeans, but they’re definitely slim-fit. Gap has every style you could imagine, so head over there first to find out what’s comfortable for you. Banana Republic offers something called “straight-fit” (they seemed to have found the perfect balance between the “skinny” and “boot-cut” styles.)

And OK, I know I don’t need to tell you that his shoes are Adidas. Anyone would recognize that style and logo anywhere. But did you know that they make suede pairs? I sure didn’t! Those were the chicest “sports” shoes I have ever seen. They look good. Just because you’re wearing your old tennis shoes doesn’t mean you can’t look trendy and fabulous. This Fashionisto definitely proved that to be true!

Hint: Don’t over-do it! As long as your clothing material and fit are top-notch and even somewhat trendy, you will look good. Even if you’re wearing all those basics (you wish you could wear every day) from head to toe. If you know what works, go with it. This Fashionisto didn’t have to do much to be a Fashionisto, and neither do you!




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