Let's Hear it for the Boys

There’s nothing a Fashionista/o loves more than great detail and patterns. Everyone knows how geometry can get complicated, but not in the fashion world. Although this Fashionisto isn’t sporting those unconventional shapes like trapezoids, his classic circles and triangles work wonders.

Like the weather, fashion can only be reliable when forecasted in fortnightly chunks. But sniff the wind and you will find that all signs point to squares, circles and geometric shapes that dominate the fashion world. So who’s this streetwalker in a chic-themed Cosby sweater?  It’s hard to see the actual ’80s pattern, but those are geometric shapes in black and blue that only Cliff Huxtable could pull off—and now this Fashionisto. Yes, his would be a crew neck fit over his adorable dad belly, but the style is exactly the same. Only, the famous puddin’ salesman never wore it with classic blue jeans and John Lennon circle shades. Now, I’m feeling a bit of Beatlemania. Not my era of music, but what can I say, fashion has a way of bringing out our older generation beings. Just ask this Fashionisto.

To trendy fashion people, wearing a Cosby sweater might describe you as a hipster or a homeless person. Truth be told, these prints show your personality without making you look like a lazy bum. This allows you to be comfortable and approachable. And with this snowy madness happening, I mean, who wouldn’t love a comfy sweater?

Hint: Choose a sweater that looks good to your eye. Try not to duplicate what you’ve seen someone else wearing because it may not go along with your own sense of style. The sweater’s appeal has to come from your own charisma. Also, try to brighten it up with bolder colors and more trapezoids.


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