Let's Hear it for the Boys

People don’t always pay attention to socks. We usually buy them for necessity reasons rather than accessory reasons. However, socks are just as important to style. The sock trend has become popular over the last year. We can find men all over becoming a part of the in crowd as they take part in the sock frenzy. I recently caught a Fashionisto rocking a pair of socks that grabbed my attention.

These socks were accentuated by his rolled up skinny jeans. The bright colors contrasted against his tan shoes and enabled the color to pop. The socks have a square pattern that include colors such as purple, red, gray and blue. This Fashionisto made a great choice. He tones his outfit down to make sure his socks are the main focus. He wore a plaid blue and red button-down shirt with blue skinny jeans. With his look, he added a vintage haircut. This ensemble might seem simple, yet it made him look dapper and refined. The combination of his pieces spruced up his personal style.

Hint: Socks like these are great to redefine old looks. Whether it is business wear or a rugged look you are going for, you can add funky socks to create dimension. If you are recreating a look similar to this Fashionisto’s, try skinny jeans that aren’t overwhelming in color, but dark such as blue or red. Find a collared shirt, and you are halfway there. The fun part will be choosing the socks. I personally recommend colorful patterned socks rather than themed character socks. Don’t be afraid if your sock choice does not exactly match the rest of your clothing. The purpose is for the socks to stand out.  Your shoes should be a neutral color. However, shoes with a bright hue on the sole will look very fashion-forward. Last, stylishly cuff your pants and dare to be different.


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