LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Hip Hop Look with a Modern Twist

Let's Hear it for the Boys

While it may be freezing cold on campus, this Fashionisto still displays his sense of style. It is all about layers and dark colors as the cold weather hits. This Fashionisto was spotted wearing this outfit inspired by his favorite colors and decade of fashion: the ’80s.

This Fashionisto dresses in all-black attire to keep warm. He wears a classic double-breasted charcoal peacoat that has a fitted look. This peacoat has deep front pockets and a diagonal zipper pocket that is an emphasized on the coat. Peacoats are great when you want dress up your look even when you are casual underneath.  They give men a structured and confident air about them. To go along with his coat, this Fashionisto also wears a plaid red, white and black scarf. This scarf really ties his whole ensemble together as the reds in the scarf coincide with his shoes and layers underneath.

Underneath his Malcolm hoodie, this Fashionisto layers. He wears a gray Ohio State thermal and a gray and red striped T-shirt. This allows him to still look fashionable when he gets overheated in classes and stay warm during these frigid temperatures. He wears black slim fit chinos. Chinos are trousers that are tailored and come from twill cloth. They are comfortable, but not always best for winter temperatures. Therefore, this Fashionisto says he wears long johns underneath as well.

As for clothes, he wears a Malcolm X hoodie that relates to his high-top fade. High-top fades hit mainstream culture in the late 1980s and early 1990s and have had a comeback recently in urban culture. His shoes also reflect on the late-1980s time period. He wears the Nike Air Jordan 3 Retros. They are gray, black and red and have elephant print detail.  These sneakers are great for comfort and are known amongst young men because of the Nike Air Jordan brand. You can say this gives him a classic hip hop look with a modern twist.

Hint: When you want to stay warm, always be prepared to wear complementing layers. You never know when you may need to take some layers off, so it is best that you prepare to look good even underneath your main ensemble.


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