LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: High School Never Ends

Let's Hear it for the Boys

High school was a 20 minute makeup routine and a remaining five minute lunch break. It was cheering for football games and vats of coffee before early morning class. It was figuring out where to sit in the lunch room and college applications and entrance exams and graduation. High school was also baggy jeans, athletic boys, letterman jackets and backpacks.

This Fashionisto looks straight out of high school, but updates his look to keep up with college. He is wearing a beige and brown letterman wool sweater buttoned all the way to the top over a plain black tee. His jeans are typical denim and baggy and tucked into his boots. His boots are dark burgundy and match the color of his backpack. His backpack has a fun checkered print and adds a pop of color and playfulness to his outfit. He looks comfortable, on trend and still maintains a seasoned professional vibe.

The letterman jacket can be dressed up like this Fashionisto did or can be dressed down by pairing it with shorts, sneakers and a cap. It is wearable, normally matches well with most bottoms and hence lends itself to be extremely transitional. Wearing your old letterman jacket from high school is like opening a memory box – it all comes back.

Hint: If you weren’t the athletic type in high school or prefer not to open that Pandora’s box of memories, letterman jackets like this sporty sweater style and this classic leather style can be bought at high street stores.


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