Let's Hear it for the Boys

Trench coats have had a long history of being deemed as a basic piece for any business man on the go. However, recently I’ve seen a decline of this type of coat in modern fashion. I was more than thrilled when I spotted this Fashionisto sporting this classic styled coat. I find it so eye catching to wear such a formal piece to add a little pizzazz to your normal casual school attire.

With the unexpected weather we’ve been having in Davis recently, I wouldn’t blame this Fashionisto for wearing a trench coat on a rather sunny day. This coat not only adds to the way this Fashionisto carries himself, but also shows us that he knows how to keep it classy. Underneath his coat, he had on a red pullover and a pair of blue jeans that give his outfit a more casual feel. Lastly, on his feet, he wore a pair of Dr. Martens; truly a staple wardrobe piece, and always add a little drama to any outfit.

What I loved most about this Fashionisto’s outfit, was that this guy knows how to accessorize! Choosing to sport a clean and chic designer messenger bag instead of your boring everyday backpack, was a very nice addition to the outfit. He’s also sporting a pair of black wayfarers that have a pop of blue on only one of the temples; which I thought was a creative touch to such a standard pair of sunglasses. To complete the look, he wore a gold and royal blue watch that definitely compliments the blue from his sunglasses.

Hint: Felling a little anxious about wearing such a long coat to class? Why not try its easy going cousin: the classic peacoat. You can easily throw a peacoat on over any outfit, while still maintaining that casual everyday look.


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