Let's Hear it for the Boys

Let’s face it: the way college students dress is sometimes the antithesis of “high-fashion”. There is usually no need to get dressed to the nines. Student daily life isn’t all that glamorous. We sit in lecture, our outfits obstructed by small desks and backpacks. We run around from classes to jobs to meetings. Fashion, essentially, is low on the priority list for most students. Comfort, instead, reigns supreme.

Yes, it is possible to strike a balance between overt comfort and style. However, even if we master “comfy-chic,” we are forgetting that clothes can serve a bigger purpose. I don’t mean this in a mere aesthetic manner either. Sometimes, looking extra-fashionable is just what we need for a substantial boost in self-esteem and determination. As Fashion Week 2014 has come and gone, I wanted to find students who embody fashion as a language and art form, rather than just a collection of material objects.

The Fashionisto looks like he came right out of a GQ cover shoot, as opposed the University of Michigan’s Alice Lloyd Hall. On this particular day, Michigan was experiencing some kind of bizarre, thunder-filled wintery mix, and his bright white Zara pants provided a great contrast to the drab gray skies. To functionally navigate puddles and slush, he wears lace-up black boots from ALDO. Contrasting white and black was a huge spring trend this past spring and designers this year have been taking this color scheme and applying it to everyday wear in spades.

The black and white on the bottom of his outfit nicely complement the shades of gray on his top hat. He wears a classic cardigan from J.Crew over an eye-catching floral printed shirt from the New York based brand Seven Souls. The busy print provides a fabulous juxtaposition to the plain cardigan. To top it off, he layers a deep olive trench coat from Zara (view their entire men’s outwear collection here). The coat is well-tailored and gives a pop of color and lots of dimension to his entire look.

No ensemble is complete without accessories. He wears a velvet brimmed hat that evokes a feeling of the sleek 1940s Upper East Side.  He adds splashes of high fashion with luxe Prada leather gloves and Valentino eyeglasses. Of course, a Fashionisto has to be prepared for the weather, so he brings along a large black umbrella as an accessory in its own right. With fashion as a source of determination he’s ready to conquer this dreary day!

Hint: Even if haute couture pieces aren’t in your price range, many affordable brands use designer fashion for inspiration. Men’s fashion magazines like GQ or Esquire are great places to find ideas!


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