LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Harem in Grinnell

Let's Hear it for the Boys

While I was walking to dinner, this Fashionisto caught my attention. He embodies a modern relaxed cool aesthetic. From head to toe, this Fashionisto illustrates the power of individual style. Confidence comes from feeling good in your clothing and if you do, you’ll exude charisma. Everything about this outfit works together, but nothing about it is over-calculated. He starts his look with a Keanan Duffty jacket (bought from the designer’s collaboration with Target) worn over a comfy Hanes T-shirt. Next, he accessorizes in a practical way with comfortable shoes and red sunglasses both by Vans.

Looking ultra-comfy, this Fashionisto’s appearance is anchored by thrifted pants that are loose-fitting above the knee and tapered toward the calf. Harem pants are a perfect balance of laid-back style meets fashion-forward. This Fashionisto’s outfit makes him stand out, but without spending extra time in the mornings. There are definite trends that can set a brave Fashionisto apart from the ordinary, and wearing harem pants is a prodigious example.

Harem pants can cause anxiety for many Fashionistos (and Fashionistas) because it can be easy to look overpowered by these statement bottoms. This Fashionisto’s jacket creates a great segue from his maroon pants to his white T-shirt and it keeps his whole look casual. For a similar style to this Fashionisto, look for a pair of colorful harem pants in a knit fabric, like these harem pants listed on eBay. That being said, a daring Fashionisto can pull any look off so long as he is confident and comfortable.

Hint: Choosing a black pair of harem pants is a strategy that will show the volume of the pants, but not in an overbearing way. Black is the ultimate slimming option. Another strategy is to instinctively reach for a fitted top to pair with harem pants as a way to balance the look; however, if the top is too fitted, it will actually widen bottom proportions further, which is unflattering. With harem pants, balance is key.


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