Let's Hear it for the Boys

With winter midterms rapidly approaching in Savannah, a pair of laid-back yet fashionable pants is an important asset in any student’s wardrobe. Having a versatile item, such as this, saves you the time and thought of getting ready for class after a long night of cramming, and is an absolute must for any Fashionista or Fashionisto. Insert the harem pant.

Most of you have probably noticed it’s Hammertime again (yes, another recycled fashion — surprise, surprise). Harem pants have been a buzz-worthy trend for the past few seasons with no plans to disappear anytime soon. While I must admit I judged the return of the “U Can’t Touch This” days pretty harshly at first, something about the trend just started to embody what a marriage between comfort and fashion should look like, and that really got me excited. The baggy and informal fit at the top of the pant gives off a relaxed feeling while the slim and tailored lines at the bottom of the pant pull the look together. This silhouette creates the perfect multi-purpose pant: one for lounging or hitting the streets.

At first glance they definitely seem like a challenge to wear, but I think that’s why the industry is so fascinated by them. It’s one of the few trends that is unique enough on its own that you don’t need anything else to look chic. You will be the guy known for wearing those cool pants in a room full of chinos and skinny jeans. The key to pulling off this look is simple. Let them be the personality of your outfit. While there are harem pants out there in prints and metallics, there are also plenty of versatile and neutral options, which are more wearable for everyday. This silhouette is subject to change depending on your body type, however, it is always best to pair pieces with heavy volume in one place with a more slimming piece. Whether you plan on wearing your pants casually or professionally, you will always look fashionable. Retailers, such as Topman, Urban Outfitters and Zara offer the style in a variety of different colors, fabrics and fits.

From the high waistline to the slouchy fit to the cropped leg, there’s a lot to be afraid of when deciding how to style a statement piece as big as this one. This Fashionisto’s take on the trend is major. By pairing the pant with neutral solids, he makes the outfit seem effortless, not sloppy. Harem pants notoriously overwhelm a smaller frame very easily, but because this Fashionisto chose a less exaggerated style of the pant, he actually adds proportion to the look with his slim and structured cropped black jacket. His dark green T-shirt is a big player in making the look a success. The length is just right, for you want your shirt to help clarify where the volume begins in the pant so that you don’t look full throughout. Multicolored sneakers in an earthy palette pull together his look by adding a modern hint of street savvy coolness.

His monochrome and subdued color choices allow the harem pant to take center stage in his look. It is important to pair the pant with pieces that highlight it, not draw away from it, and this Fashionisto does just that — showing Fashionistas and Fashionistos everywhere that the harem pant doesn’t have to wear you.

Hint: Never wear a long shirt over harem pants. You have to wear something structured to balance the genie-esque quality of the style. Even tucking in the shirt will define your waistline enough to avoid looking shapeless. Take after this Fashionisto by opting for a neutral palette. This sale style from JackThreads comes in a variety of colors, such as charcoal, gray, navy and brown.


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