LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Gunning For Grunge

Let's Hear it for the Boys

When I think grunge, I think grimy, dirty and any other adjective you can put with such an unappealing word, but with the spring season’s fashion trend arrival I think it is safe to say that “grunge has grown up,” in the words of Wall Street journalist Ray A. Smith, and I am so excited for this trend revival. The focal point of any grunge look, in my opinion, would have to be the what is on top, how a Fashionisto chooses to accessorize an already down-played look and I believe this week’s Fashionisto has found the right balance of casual and grunge, without killing the aesthetic of the outfit (literally).

While the grunge trend was huge in the ’90s, it has definitely done a complete 360 and made it back onto the fashion scene! With the rise of DIY fashions and more and more Fashionistas/os finding their unique pieces in thrift stores it is only right that designers such as Dries Van Noten incorporate the grunge look into their pieces, and I must say this was a wise choice. The grunge trend is so unisex and versatile that any Fashionista can take a pearl necklace and dress it up, while a Fashionisto can add a plaid shirt tied around his waist to not only add pattern and color to his look, but to be prepared for a chilly night. A very convenient trend in my eyes!

This week’s Fashionisto has embodied the grunge look and is coming for the runways of campus, ready to shoot down any naysayers with his look. The focal point of this outfit is the custom tie-dyed 08’ Bathing Ape T-shirt that fits loosely, yet compliments his waist. With a pair of skinny black wash Nudie jeans and the Air Jordan Playoff 8s, this Fashionisto completes the outfit with a Burnt Orange jacket from Lands End that adds color and warmth for the still cool weather of the spring! The outfit just brings about a relaxing vibe, yet posses so much character in as few articles of clothing as possible.

To get your grunge on take some tips from this Fashionisto, why not take an old T-shirt and tie-dye it or for my grungy Fashionistas, why not fringe a T-shirt? Choose neutral bottoms such as browns, khakis, blacks to keep it cool and casual and of course your favorite pair of sneakers! And remember, when you want to take that fashion plunge, just gun for grunge.


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